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20 Top Tips and Hacks for Festival First Timers

Top Tips for Visiting an Outdoor Festival

Music festivals are the epitome of summer fun, you can escape reality and immerse yourself in the good festival vibes. Nothing says summer more than a festival, and although you can’t guarantee the great British weather, you can prepare for it. So, here are our top tips for surviving a festival, whether your a first-timer or you haven’t been to a festival for years.

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Things to do before going to a festival

  • Check the weather before you leave home. Know what to expect weather-wise before you go.
  • Take your mobile phone and make sure it’s kept charged. A power bank* is extremely useful to take with you. A lanyard or cross body phone case* is also very useful to hold your phone while keeping your hands free.
  • Take a light weight waterproof coat* or a waterproof festival poncho* that packs down into a small bag. Even if it doesn’t rain, it’s useful to sit on.
  • Take plenty of sun screen and a hat/cap* even if it is cloudy.
  • Read the info on the website before you go, so you’re clued up on what you can and can’t do, and what you can and can’t take into the festival site.
  • Bring a spare plastic bag (or two). Useful to line a rucksack* and stop your things from getting wet if it rains; useful for keeping a change of clothes dry; or putting wet clothes in; or useful as a litter bag.
  • Pack some toilet paper to take with you. It’s true what you’ve heard about the toilets at festivals! There’s good reason they have a bad rep!

Things to do when you arrive at the Festival

  • If you’re with children, make sure they are wearing a wrist band* with your phone number on it in case they get lost.
  • Plan your day. Have a rough idea what you want to see/do and know when your favourite artists are playing.
  • Have a designated meeting place and time. If you get separated from friends or family, arrange in advance a special place where you can meet.

Things to remember while you’re at the festival

  • This is an outdoor event so dress for the weather. Wellies* are a good idea if it has rained or is going to rain because it’ll get muddy. Otherwise, comfortable and sturdy shoes are a must. Also, have a warm layer with you because it can get colder in the evening.
  • Pace yourself. There are often lots of different music stages/areas to explore and this may involve a lot of walking. The days are long and the music may go on long into the evening/night.
  • Travel light because you’ll need to carry around all your belongings all day/night. Otherwise, consider investing in a festival trolley*, which is especially useful when you’ve got children with you. If the kids are small enough you can use the trolley to take them around the festival site.
  • Use a bum bag* to carry your valuables (phone, money, car keys).
  • Plan your meals. Festival food is often expensive so decide what meals you’re going to buy and what food to bring with you (if you’re allowed to bring food in with you). Bear in mind that queues for food can be long, so be prepared to wait in line, or consider going for food at off-peak times.
  • It’s worth taking plenty of snacks with you especially if you’re with children, and eat regularly.
  • Take some glow sticks*. Use some for your bag so you don’t lose it. Also, the kids will love them!
  • Wash your hands at every opportunity and use hand sanitiser* to keep clean.
  • Take a torch*, especially if you’re camping, and remember exactly where you’ve pitched your tent – very useful when it’s dark!

These are our top 20 tips and hacks for surviving a festival. If you have any tips of your own, why not leave them in the comments below.

After taking into consideration all our top tips, our most important piece of advice is to have fun!

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